A poem

Shringi Kumari


“BROKEN FACE” by TAKAHIRO KIMURA is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

we are
Violet to Red
and more
so much more

I am
the very softly
uttered word
missed after a
blocky sentence

I am
sand dust
flying in the air
over a moody
lone sea crest

neither here nor there

all of here
all of there
mostly beyond

See me-
I am light
that stays in the
when candles

Who am I?
some part,
we all are,

I do

I celebrate
my non-binary
with water colors
out of the contours
marking the edges
of this world

Into the blue-
towards you,
fidgeting inside
that note
missed by
music lovers
held by
mother music
with trust

Who am I? I am the nail scratches of a desperate child on a wooden floor, Later, kept in museums as irreplaceable carvings. You know who I am? I am the most calm-controlled-prolonged shout coming from the back of our cupboards — behind the jewels, the hefty coats, the preserved love letters, the mighty array of things we need to cover ourselves. I am prose sitting in the middle of a poem. We plaited-



inspired by Guérin Asante poem Prism